AFAR Highlights Culebra is only four hours away by sail and minutes away by plane from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and still, you'll feel very far from the mainland's hullabaloo. Continue reading  


Discovery When darkness covers the Yukon skies during Fall and Spring, sulfurous colors ripple into the night. The Northern Lights are a spectacle of nature available for free and one that can be experienced with much delight when surrounded by utter silence. No wonder camping is a popular option for visitors looking to catch the shimmering aurora borealis.  Continue reading  


SeekRetreat The immaculate surf breaks you see from the balcony at the Magnific Rock hotel in Popoyo, Nicaragua look like liquid sculptures. Sitting on the edge of a headland, the hotel's expansive view allows you to witness tiny surfers as they willingly envelop themselves in the majestic waves. Continue reading →


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From short destination reviews to feature pieces, Melissa covers a wide range of subjects in the arenas she's passionate about: the arts, simple living, the human experience and introspective travels. 

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