"Melissa Alvarado Sierra has traveled the world by land, sea, and air, but when she began working as a freelance writer and had the option to settle down anywhere she wanted, she knew she’d be happiest returning home to Puerto Rico. This was the island she was born and raised on, where she spent her days exploring beaches and forests with her brother, discovering the power of nature, and falling in love with Puerto Rican cuisine by way of her grandmother’s home-cooked meals. Although it took her years of traversing the globe to realize it, this was her home — this was where she needed to be. Today, Melissa can be found exploring Puerto Rico with a notebook in hand, drawing inspiration from the island’s natural beauty." - Devon Shuman, Passion Passport

My writing has been featured in different publications, including The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Popsugar, and Matador Network, and I have written for brands like MasterCard, Princess Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. 

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