Explore the French-Influenced Akaroa During a New Zealand Cruise | Princess Cruises

You may want to check out a spot down under for your next cruise and experience a wealth of unique cultural influences. One place that may catch your eye is Akaroa. The only historical French settlement in New Zealand, Akaroa features a charming colonial village with craft stores, cafes, and even galleries. The seaside town and former whaling port is steeped in Maori, French, and maritime history, making it an exciting stop on your next New Zealand cruise. Situated in the heart of an ancient volcano, Akaroa's majestic harbor, dramatic outer bays, and picturesque town will captivate you.

The Giant's House

Built in 1880 for a local bank manager, The Giant's House is now home to an eclectic array of artwork and exotic plants. This historic homestead in Akaroa is famous for its terraced gardens, sculptures, and mosaics that create a rare kaleidoscopic scene. The Giant's House is a unique part of Akaroa's history and a must-visit attraction for nature and art lovers alike.

Hector's Dolphins

One of the rarest and smallest of dolphin species in the world, Hector's Dolphins can only be found in the waters of New Zealand. Akaroa serves as a home for these charming creatures, and the best part is you can have a close encounter with these dolphins during your next New Zealand cruise.

Akaroa Village

The delightful town of Akaroa, set in the deep and sheltered Akaroa Harbour, has two distinct sides. One features the early buildings settled by the French, housing the original bank, post office, and historical council chambers — all serving the local community. The second, found around the beach and settled by the English, contains the majority of Akaroa's restaurants, cafes, and galleries. The town's unknotted feel and the locals' gregarious vibes comes from the preservation of the historical buildings, local culture, and relaxed lifestyle that defines modern-day Akaroa.

Canterbury Plains

The Kiwi countryside in the Akaroa region is an expanse of flat land that European settlers turned into crop-producing fields. During your shore excursion in Akaroa, you'll catch dazzling shades of green from the quilt-like terrain and enjoy an unparalleled view of the snow-crowned Southern Alps.